New Assist With Solutions Consultant Confirms £23,000 Of Work In First 6 Weeks

The Assist With Solutions (AWS) management team would like to extend warm congratulations to high flying new AWS franchisee - Mr James Davey - who has confirmed £23,000 of new work in the six weeks since he underwent initial training at AWS headquarters in June.

Andy MacDonald, CEO of Assist With Solutions, said: "When James joined the team at AWS he told me that he wished to set a goal to attend the AWS convention which will be held in either the Bahamas/St.Lucia or Antigua in November 2013. This convention will be paid for by AWS and open to all consultants who achieve £100k of business between September 2012 and September 2013.

"With a start like this, accompanied by James’ work ethic and professionalism, he has already gone a long way in confirming his place. We look forward to spending quality time in luxurious surroundings with him and others who possess the will to succeed and are prepared to help other business owners achieve their goals."

James talks about how he did it and how he feels that becoming an AWS business consultant has helped him: "As a part of my marketing activities for my fortnightly NetLinked meetings, I sent my client an email highlighting something to do with social media marketing. He booked into the meeting, and on meeting him that morning he said, 'Ah it is you. I hoped it would be.', and then went on to describe how he had just won a tender for some work which was going to raise his turnover from £40m to £100m per annum.

Clearly this was going to be an operational challenge and he was concerned that his existing management team was not up to the task and that he was going to have to help them build on their skills and also add some new blood into the team. He was going to need to get some help with this and wondered if I was able to help him.

This project consists of two series of 6 x half-day workshops aimed at improving supervisory skills of the second tier of management together with a single series of 8 x half-day workshops with a more strategic content aimed at the senior management team. Together, these workshops will be invoiced at £23,000.

James speaks about how AWS has helped him: "AWS has helped me by giving me a renewed focus on what I am doing. The close support I am getting from the AWS team is prompting me to take more action and to become more active in the marketing area. I am not necessarily learning new marketing skills, but I am being ‘encouraged’ to get off my arse and put some of my knowledge into practice!

"Being part of a team has certainly had a big effect on me. Being a sole practitioner can be a pretty lonely experience and it is easy to slide into bad habits and to left things drift. Being part of a team, I am on a shared journey and I perform better in a group environment.

"Another effect of being a sole practitioner is that systems and procedures tend to fall apart and things happen in a haphazard way, if at all. The structure and support offered by AWS is a great help and is helping me professionalise what I am doing.

"Systems, structure and support are the key elements to the AWS offering to its clients and these same foundations are equally as important to the franchisees."