New Franchise Manager Joins Gateway Homes

Gateway Homes is pleased to welcome Sean Springett to the fold as our new Franchise Manager. Sean is tasked with evaluating how we perform as a franchise - including meeting with franchisees to hear their thoughts on the business and see if we can help them to deliver a better service. He will also present the Gateway Homes franchise opportunity to new prospects.

As a former franchise consultant with experience in marketing and technology, Sean is well-placed to ensure this aspect of Gateway Homes is operating as effectively as possible. As our franchisees are at the heart of our business, it's in our interests to listen to them and continue recruiting the most talented and experienced people.

"Gateway Homes has a good team so I am looking forward to integrating into the team atmosphere and looking forward to the challenge ahead," said Sean. "My plan is to help build a strong franchise network and to help shape the way that Gateway Homes support the franchise network moving forward."