New Sliding Sash Solutions’ franchisee says business is booming

Sliding Sash Solutions’ newest franchisee, Clive Wales has reported that his sales have increased ever since he commenced trading at the beginning of the year. After joining Sliding Sash Solutions, his business has witnessed considerable growth. Clive Wales said that he has been meeting his targets from day one and is building up a great reputation in his territory by providing their customers with 1st class services.

The company offers complete overhaul services for traditional Sash windows and along with it they also offer multi-van franchise opportunities since 2004.

Managing director of Dermot Cooke said that owning a successful franchise is following a proven system that works and that is exactly what Clive has done. He was really impressed with the way Clive got started after the training programme and he is on his way to developing a successful business.

Traditional Sash windows have endured many years of use and are often in poor condition. Sliding Sash Solutions’ complete overhaul service for the sash window is very popular and their franchisees are experiencing large increase in enquires and sales during the last year. This is because very few people deciding to move to a different place and are spending on improving their existing home or it can also be due to the brand awareness and excellent reputation of Sliding Sash Solutions’ service.