New Survey of the UK Franchise Industry Launched by FDS

A brand new online survey of the franchise industry has been launched with the target of providing the most comprehensive statistical information on the size and scope of franchising in the UK.  The survey is being conducted by franchise consultancy Franchise Development Services (FDS), which also publishes The Franchise Magazine and The UK Franchise Directory. The survey will seek to gauge the number of companies franchising in the UK, how many are currently recruiting franchise owners and what their expansion targets are.

Scheduled for release during National Franchise Week (which starts 28th September), invitations to participate have been sent out to 1,400 known franchise companies in the UK.  The survey will also gather information from companies planning to franchise in the future, individual franchise owners and people who are currently seeking to invest in a franchise.

"Our survey will provide an outstanding overview of the importance of franchising to the UK economy," stated FDS Managing Director Professor Roy Seaman, CFE. "It will change the way we see franchising in this country."

Participate and receive a FREE copy of the Survey worth £25 and the next 3 editions of The Franchise Magazine!

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