New Year, New Start As Interface Financial Group Franchisee

As we enter a new year many people are thinking about making changes in their professional lives and The Interface Financial Group (IFG) is offering would-be entrepreneurs advice on how to do it successfully in 2013.

Beginning with a single transaction in 1972, IFG has become a World-Class Franchise® certified global company which entered the UK market in 2010 and offers finance solutions to businesses with needs of all sizes. The firm operates on a franchise model and is encouraging more budding entrepreneurs to consider franchising as an alternative route when going it alone.

David Banfield, President of IFG, said: “Many people would love to become their own boss, but simply don’t have enough information or support to make it a reality. Setting up a franchise is a less risky way of advancing your career; you gain the freedom and flexibility that comes with building your own business without losing the sense of support and security that exists in a large organisation.”

Franchisees have the benefit of managing their own workload and can often take on as much, or as little, as is comfortable. It is often a case of individual preference, so appeals to people in all stages of their career.

Banfield continued: “The franchise model is perfect for people from all walks of life. At IFG we’ve had people turn to franchising after being made redundant, as an ease into retirement, and even to entirely re-invent themselves.

“Franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, but we’ve found that those who take best to the career change have good customer relations, excellent decision making and problem solving skills, and good entrepreneurial outlooks.”

Many franchises, including IFG, rely on repeat customers to keep the business moving forward and frequently carry out customer satisfaction surveys which evaluate the strengths of the business to date, and suggest improvements for the future.

IFG will soon be holding a webinar for those who would like to find out more about the benefits of franchising, and provide further information about the company’s unique invoice discounting service.