Northwood’s Platinum Scheme - a blessing in disguise for the property letting market

According to the reports from Nick Cooper, the franchise director, Northwood’s Platinum Guaranteed Rental Scheme was gaining more popularity against the backdrop of the severe credit crunch in the property market. He emphasised that people who were looking for security found it readily available in the Platinum Scheme along with a significant stream of income. It also attracted franchisees in a big way.

The Platinum Scheme was the brainchild of Northwood founder, Andy Goodson, who had vast experience in the property letting sector. Seeing a big opportunity to provide a unique service to landlords, he launched the ‘guaranteed rental income scheme’ in 1995 by opening an office in Portsmouth. The scheme became the company’s hallmark over a period of a few years.

This innovative means of business made Northwood a leader in the market. The service became more popular with landlords and proved to be extremely profitable compared to other property management services.

The Portsmouth office generated gross profit of £412,786 in the first three years and £1,345,153 in the following five years on lettings alone.

Northwood has grown, with 60 offices all over the UK and with 6,000 landlords drawing risk-free benefits from the unique scheme.

According to Northwood, its six-week training courses, professional support rendered by a qualified team, high quality literature and distinctive brand made its franchise proposition highly popular.

Northwood is looking for high calibre people who can use their unique skill to maximise their potential.