Northwood is the way to go

With the current cash crunch and the dreaded recession on everyone’s mind, what investors are looking out for right now is security and this is the main reason why franchising is picking up so fast.

Northwood founder Andy Goodson realised this and that is why the Platinum scheme started by the company is such a huge success. The ‘Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme’ which started in 1995 has now become the company’s hallmark and has made Northwood the leader in its field. When compared to other traditional and conventional property management services, what Northwood offered was more profitable.

In 1995, despite working hours that were sensible then, the Portsmouth office of Northwood managed to obtain a gross profit of £412,786 in their first three years itself and £1,345,153 in the following 5 years, all this through only letting. With over 60 offices spread over the entire country, Northwood also has more than 6000 landlords that love the risk free benefits of the Northwood scheme, a scheme that put Northwood ahead of any competition.

Northwood offers a comprehensive training course of 6 weeks and also provides professional and continuous support from the well qualified Northwood team. They also provide easy to understand and high quality literature and with the help of the popular and distinctive brand name of Northwood, their franchisees are set to gain a lot, a complete win-win situation.