Video Transcript

No+Vello is an international brand specialising in IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation systems, which has become a worldwide leader in the industry. Born in 2007, it opened 150 centres in its first six months and expanded internationally in 2008.

Currently, No+Vello has more than 1,000 centres worldwide and more than 2,000 professionals who are in constant training to ensure the best customer service.

Jose Luis Ruiz Escariz, National Franchise Director: "No+Vello knows how to use the rise and growth of activities related to aesthetics, and the cult of the body, and provides a business model with low investment and easy to manage for a stable job with a future."

After its birth as a specialist in hair removal, No+Vello continues to evolve, innovating and introducing new trends in aesthetics technology, that reaffirms its leadership in the sector.

Bruno Comelias, Business Development International Director: "The successful business model and the high demand for treatment has allowed us to enter the international arena, getting a proven growth, regardless of the uniqueness of each market."

The strength of the No+Vello model lies with the democratising of cosmetic services, making them affordable to anyone, and the strength of an international network and global marketing. It was the first brand to apply and exploit the concept of a flat rate for unisex treatments.

No+Vello offers aesthetic treatments that are fully satisfactory for the customer, due to their quality and efficiency.

Beatriz Juarez Morate, Marketing and Communication Director: "Our innovative nature is the engine of our constant growth. In addition to our leadership in hair removal, at No+Vello we offer customers the latest technology, to bring a variety of beauty treatments at the best price."

Now, apart from hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, No+Vello offers treatments like teeth whitening, body firming & reduction and facial activation, under the flat rate concept.

No+Vello - the key to our success is the quality of our treatments.

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