O’Briens to expand in Germany

O’Briens Sandwich Bars, an Irish based coffee shop chain, is all set to continue its expansion within certain areas of Germany. The first outlet in the country was opened in May 2007. It was opened in Augsburg near Munich by the franchisee Darragh Staunton.

O’Briens is seeking additional properties in Nuremberg and Augsburg. The company is sure that this expansion will help their business to progress. The company is driving towards larger revenues in the years to come, with the management is confident it can meet expectations. According to Darragh Staunton, O'Briens in Augsburg has been performing quite well in the first year of trading and hopes they will continue to consistently perform positively.

With healthy, fresh and quality food being offered to its customers, the company firmly believes that they will be a huge success in the German market.  The chief executive officer of O'Briens, Fiacra Nagle, said they are absolutely delighted about the company’s expansion and progress. The business model has flourished in the UK for the past ten years and they continue to dominate the market in the region. The company delivered an annual turnover of around 100 million Euros in 2007.