Online strategies that can be used in franchising

You will not disagree that promoting your business online will help in strengthening and expanding your prospects. Building a strong online brand for your company will not just bring you good business prospects but also help you in setting up a quality franchising network. Here are some effective web strategies that will help you in building your business online.

  • Have a compelling website which is clear about its objectives
  • Embark on a complete online brand building exercise
  • Start newsletters addressing your franchisees, clients etc
  • You can organise a virtual Discovery Day online
  • Facilitate online applications from new franchisees
  • Create an online platform for your franchisees to communicate and transact with you. This will help the franchisee to constantly keep in touch with the franchisor’s business and objectives
  • Do email campaigns to promote franchising opportunities
  • Efficiently carry out franchising campaigns on your website through advertising. This will broaden your choice on licensing to the right franchisees
  • Promote your business on your franchisee’s website
  • Market your website using advertising campaigns
  • Inform the readers about your products and create an online information base
  • Do online Public Relations activities

Your online marketing strategies can be merged with your offline promotions and together the publicity will be well taken care of. Your active presence in the online space will build your credibility on the web which is a worldwide platform.