Opportunities with Car Medic franchise

In today’s driving conditions, minor vehicle damage such as scuffs, dents and scratches to bumpers, panels, mirrors, wheel arches and alloy wheels are expected. Vehicles suffer damage at some point or another. Conventional methods make even the smallest repair very time consuming and expensive. This can lead your vehicle to a specialist body repair shop where the whole body might have to be repainted meaning you might not be able to use your vehicle for several days. But Car Medic is an exception to this.

Car Medic operators can restore minor dents, stone chips and scratches on bumpers and vehicle panels, perform dash repair, windscreen repair, seat repair and more. They use their revolutionary SMART vehicle paint repair system. This system gives ideal results in a fraction of the time and cost compared to conventional methods.

Be a part of Car Medic, the UK’s leading franchise SMART repair business and you will never be short of work, since there are about 27 million vehicles on Britain’s roads. Car Medic not only provides their franchisees with training but also provides them with marketing and promotional support.

Car Medic provides its franchisees with the following things:

• All tools and hardware • Fully comprehensive training • Vehicle graphics • Promotional support • Corporate clothing • Full technical backup • A starter pack of chemicals and consumables