Opportunities with Global Travel Group

Franchisees of the Global Travel Group, a travel operator franchise, are enjoying constant long-term success. Mel and Linda Bramley is an example of such franchisees who started their Inter Travel in 1995 at Wear, Tyne and Gateshead. They both were from a teaching background but had experience in accommodation services.

However, to reach their full potential they needed the help of the Global Travel Group. They received full support from the company and were happy to work with the Global Travel Group. Mel and Linda were quite successful in investing in property abroad i.e. renting to the public. They noticed the travel industry as a potential business opportunity since many people also asked them to organise their flight.

On advice from a fellow businessman, Mel found the Global Travel Group to be a good opportunity and decided to become a member along with Linda. They said that being a part of this group is their main advantage. They also enjoy meetings with Global staff at events and meetings and fellow members. They have had a very pleasant experience with the Global Travel Group and felt like a member of the club.

As a tour operator and successful agent, Mel assures new members that this group will provide them with all the help and support they need.