Optic-Kleer Franchise Video

Video Transcript

This is Joe. He's driving to a job he hates because he's under paid, over-worked and underappreciated. Joe dreamed about finding a business of his own, where he could be his own boss, make as much money as he wanted and become financially independent, but Joe couldn't find that opportunity.

Oh no, Joe just got a stone chip. So, Joe pulled in to the car park of his local supermarket, where he saw an Optic-Kleer technician working. He spoke with the technician who told him that he was certified and trained, and that Optic-Kleer has national deals with most of the UK's supermarket chains, allowing them to work in their car parks, which means the supermarket's customers are also Optic-Kleer's customers, and there are 10's of thousands of them, each and every week.

As Joe watched the Optic technician repair his windscreen, he asked him about his job and how he got it. Joe learnt that Optic-Kleer was a business that he too, could make his own, as a franchisee. So, when Joe got home, he contacted Optic-Kleer and learnt that they have been established for more than 20 years, and supported by insurance who offer the repair service at little or no cost to their customers.

Well, Joe applied, was accepted, got trained and certified, and developed his own Optic-Kleer franchise, gaining freedom, income he could only dream about before and happiness. Joe loves his job now; his uniform, his independence and all of his lovely customers, who all love Joe too.

Want to be like Joe? Call us and find out how you can start your own Optic-Kleer franchise, right now.