Orange franchise owner Iain Humphrey shares his experience

When Orange suggested Iain Humphrey think of piloting its franchise opportunity before the national roll out of franchise stores, Iain had no doubts about signing on the dotted line. Iain said that having been working with Orange for a long time; he had an understanding on how the company operates. He had no doubts that an Orange franchise will simply be the best in the UK retail sector.

Orange has always thought outside the box when developing customer offers and has successfully built a good brand as a customer champion, which is a key to its high street success. Being an owner of the independent chain of mobile phone stores that acts as an authorised dealer for Orange products and services, Iain has worked with Orange for 16 years prior to taking his next step and opening a store under the Orange brand.

Iain also said that he has seen a distinctive change in the marketplace in the past few years. Customers have become more comfortable to visit the nationally branded outlets instead of visiting the small independent stores. Iain further added that this industry is still young and is gradually changing with time. There will also be new challenges to face as the industry grows and matures.

Iain Humphrey's initial Orange franchise store opened in August at the busy entrance of a shopping centre in Bridlington. There was assistance offered by Orange including a full shop fit and a store plan. Also, before opening his franchise, Orange provided him and his staff with a comprehensive training programme to help Iain in running his business.