ORCA website expands its operations and recruits through its UK wide recruitment drive

Local businesses have always suffered because of big brands. ORCA plans to change that. Started in January 2006, ORCA has helped local businesses beat their larger competitors by providing search engine friendly and quality websites, thus tapping into the power of the internet for greater visibility.

John Thompson, who is the franchise business advisor, commented that they want to attract franchisees with management and people skills; people who can handle customer relations and ensure that business needs are met. ORCA has been successful because of its less means more plans. An ORCA territory costs only £13,000 but ORCA provide ongoing training.

According to Alison Henderson, one of ORCA’s first franchisees, every big enterprise starts small and so it delights her to help smaller firms compete with bigger ones through the power of the internet, since it enables them to advertise - quite literally - even when they sleep.

Alison is one who swears by ORCA, since they are not a company who would sell any old website for the sake of selling, but instead they tailor a website according to business specifications and based on target customers.

Robert McRae who was an early ORCA investor considers himself lucky to be associated with ORCA as this ensures that the work undertaken is assured of quality. The websites provided by ORCA cost less, yet they appear on most search engines.

Robert believes that ORCA is the best solution for small companies since they are often restricted by budgets and other parameters. However with ORCA, they can be assured of high quality websites within their means.