ORCA website - suitable for all types of businesses

The following figures released by FSB (the Federation of Small Businesses) will emphasise the significance of quality websites for small scale businesses. The figure shows that almost half of small businesses notice improvement in turnover by one fifth when they utilise the internet to advertise their firm.

8,700 members of FSB were surveyed and found that 43 percent of people who use their website to advertise their firm have improved their sales by getting linked to new clients.

John Walker, FSB National Policy Chairman said that there are many small businesses that have experienced growth within a couple of years of having their own website. During such an economic climate, it is essential to have a good quality website. People generally use the internet to search for any product or services, hence it is vital to have a well designed website through professionals that ranks highly in the search engines. This will definitely make small businesses noticeable when facing big competitors.

ORCA websites have developed an extensive portfolio of customers in an extensive range of business sectors from IT and finance to property and healthcare. Each business will definitely benefit from a professionally designed website for example, whether a fabrics shop wishing to sell globally or a businessman who simply wishes to advertise his service.