Orchestra opens its first store in Ireland

Orchestra, the popular children’s clothing line, is one of Europe’s fastest growing retail chains as it has expanded from 11 stores in 1998 to more than 200 stores in 2003.

Along with new stores abroad, Orchestra has opened 108 new stores in 2002 alone, and this has helped its turnover to go from Euro 8.48m in 1996 to Euro 70m in 2002.

The Husband and wife team of Trevor and Maeve Cooke have purchased the Irish Master Franchise rights for Orchestra, the French children’s clothing company.

Having opened their first store in Waterford, the husband–wife duo has announced that the children’s charity of their choice is Barnados. With two children of their own, Maeve and Trevor are happy to have won the Irish franchise and they are passionate about providing, good, quality children’s clothes at affordable prices and hence the choice, Orchestra.

The husband wife team has developed a unique way to gather money for their charity, Barnados. They plan to have a collection point at the checkout and just ask their customers to donate whatever they can, even if it is very small. Also, any charitable event that is organised by Orchestra, the proceeds will go to Barnados. By this process, they hope to donate a large sum.

Orchestra was established in 1995 by Chantal and Pierre Mestre and was developed to help provide parents of children under 14 years of age with affordable and quality fashionable clothes.