Papa John's is to open 10 new takeaway outlets

By the end of this year, Papa John’s will open 10 new takeaway outlets which is a part of their nationwide expansion plan. With continued success, Papa John’s is also looking to launch several new franchises to expand their pizza brand in major cities like Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

Ian Saunders, the Managing Director of Papa John’s said that take away pizza is quite affordable hence the present economic situation is having a positive impact on business. With economic crises it is high time to increase your savings for a better and more secure future. There are many people across the country that are unable to afford food from restaurants. This activity empties their pocket to a large extent hence they face severe problems when coping with their monthly expense plan. However, people can definitely afford a take away pizza. Papa John’s take away outlet offers a great customer service and helps you to cut down your heavy food expense.

Papa John’s are interested in giving franchises to those who have a background in food service and have good customer service skills. Papa John’s are very co-operative to their franchise holders and offer them excellent training and full support at every step from promotion to improvements in profit.