Part time franchise opportunities that can you can choose

Part time franchises have become very popular in the UK because of the numerous benefits that they offer. Part time franchise formats have spread to a variety of industries today. This has led to the emergence of a number of part time franchise opportunities.

If you are thinking of taking up a franchise business, then a part time franchise would be a great way to start. If it works out well then you could consider taking it on full time. Mentioned below are some of the most popular types of part time franchises that can you can try:

Web Design and SME marketing

There is a substantial demand for such services and there are number of franchisors that need people with the required skills. You can take up a part time franchise from such franchisors so that you can earn some extra cash whilst still fulfilling your other obligations at the same time.


There are a number of dating services that can provide you excellent part time franchise opportunities that require a minimal investment. You can work from home and manage your clients with the support of your franchisor.

Pet Care Franchise

Pet care franchises are always in demand. You can start off with a part time pet care franchise if you want and see how it works out. For pet lovers, this is a golden opportunity as they get to be with pets and make money at the same time.

Food outlet franchise

You can start a food outlet franchise in just about anywhere. However, you would have to sell the products of your franchisor and you would only receive some of the profits. The best part of a part time franchise is that you can find time for all your other commitments and obligations and still earn a good income.