Perfect Pizza website redesigned

Perfect Pizza is a UK-based franchise. They have recently redesigned their website as part of the brand’s expansion into the digital age.

The new site aims to deliver a simpler and faster user journey. It features appealing brand use in order to drive spending and promote great deals.

The ‘Perfect Pizza Promise’ is a new feature of the site which details the chances of you qualifying for a money saving deal. This is an excellent feature which is well-liked by many.

If you are eligible for a discount, then the ‘Perfect Pizza Promise’ feature automatically applies it to your basket. As well as this, when you create an account with them, the site retains information of your previous five orders. It is therefore possible to order the same food with just a click, helping you to save your time.

The Marketing Director of Perfect Pizza, Simon Jarvis, said that the Perfect Pizza site was redesigned in order to offer consumers the best deal. It has been designed with consideration to ensure that the consumer can benefit from it as easily and quickly as possible.