The Opportunity

We offer you the training, support and means to build a highly successful practice as an Independent Debt Management Consultant, working for yourself but not by yourself.

As a Personal Debt Consultant you have the chance to help people and to make a real difference to their lives, whilst at the same time creating a significant income and having a lifestyle career.

  • No more time wasted on the commute to work
  • Work from home at a time to suit you, on a full time or part time basis
  • Start your Personal Debt Consultancy practice alongside your current job or an existing business to create further revenue

You will earn income from each case you complete - this will range from £100 to £1000 with an average of £250 per case.

With each case taking between 1 hour and 1.5 hours, even working on a part time basis, you could be earning more than in your current full time job without leaving your front door.

The Marketplace

Debt management services are one of the fastest growing markets in the UK today.
There are currently 15 million people in the UK who are struggling with debt.
Only 600,000 of these are in a Debt Management Plan.

The UK is already one of the most debt ridden countries in Europe and a legacy of the deepest and longest recession in decades only points to the fact that the problem will get worse before it gets better.

This means that our sector can provide tremendous opportunities for the right people.

Personal Debt Consultant can offer you a unique business opportunity within the debt management sector.

Your Role

As a Debt Management Consultant your role is to professionally consult with potential clients, who need advice on managing their debts. Your objective is to provide them with a tailor-made, self funding financial solution that operates in their best interests.

You will follow up the leads that we send you and arrange a confidential appointment with the client, either face-to-face or by telephone.

During this meeting you will establish and document the facts relating to the client’s current financial position. On completion of this review you will then forward all associated documentation “same day” to head office.

You will be responsible for developing all potential debt leads within your operating area, and must be willing to promote a positive corporate image to both prospective and actual clients at all times.

As part of a Financially Regulated Company, you will have the ability to promote and sell suitable financial products to your client base.

Personal Debt Consultant are an active player within the specialist sector of financial support, and as such we will encourage you to assist and support us in our regional and national marketing activities.

Our Package

Personal Debt Consultant will provide you with an initial package that includes everything that you will need to start a highly successful business:

  • The backing of a respected and secure organisation with many years of financial sector experience
  • A 4-Day Comprehensive Training Program supported by ongoing training and mentoring as and when required
  • Continuous personal support and guidance
  • You will be allowed to operate under our Consumer Credit and Data Protection Licences
  • We will provide you with a laptop computer and full business software
  • We will provide 100 leads per month for the first 24 months
  • We will provide an initial supply of Personal Debt Consultant Marketing Materials
  • You will have the opportunity to purchase additional leads at “cost”

Start up Costs

Prospective Debt Management Consultants will be required to provide an initial investment of £6,950.
This investment will be fully refunded as you develop your business.

For every 15 completed cases that you refer to Personal Debt Consultant, 25% of your initial investment will be refunded.

As our existing consultants are completing an average 3 cases per week, you should therefore recover your initial investment within the first 6 months of trading!

What other business opportunity is so confident of their service, that they are prepared to refund your initial investment?

Earnings Potential

As a Debt Management Consultant you will earn fees on every completed case that you forward to head office.

Each case is individually tailored. As mentioned earlier, these fees can range from £100 to £1,000 per completed case, with the average being £250. Our existing Debt Management Consultants are averaging 3 completed cases per week.

We also offer our Consultants the opportunity to REFER AND EARN!

As a fully regulated financial services company, Personal Debt Consultant offers a complete range of financial services products.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to earn additional income by simply referring people to us. This includes people who may have ‘Unfair Credit Agreements’ or who may have been ‘Miss-sold Payment Protection Insurance’.

Furthermore, simply referring people for other products such as life assurance, income protection, building and contents insurance, re-mortgage - or referring someone who has had an accident in the past 6 years - can earn you additional income.

Our Support

Your success is our success

Personal Debt Consultant will provide you with the support and assistance you need to ensure that your business is successful.

This support will prove particularly important in the early stages, when you are setting up, and it will continue throughout the lifetime of your agreement.

You will also have access to - and support from - business and financial services professionals based at head office.

Could you be a Personal Debt Consultant?

The successful Debt Management Consultant will display a talent for client care and service and will also be:

  • A Good Listener
  • Open and Non-judgemental
  • Empathetic
  • Able to maintain a Professional Manner at all times
  • Punctual and Reliable

If this sounds like you then please enter your details below for more information.