Personal or home services franchising

Emerging as a highly successful strategy for business growth and economic development, franchising is well recognized and received in markets around the world. Some franchising enterprises require a specialised skill or training while others merely require a good business head and the capability to lead. Personal and home services franchising are the latest rage in the field of franchising as they have similar advantages to a home based business with minimal working capital and flexible working hours.

From fixing drainpipes, cleaning services, washing clothes, arranging dates, mowing lawns, interior decoration, to senior care, almost every personal requirement is met by these franchises. This industry is a rapidly expanding one with immense potential. In today’s environment where time is of the essence, these franchises make day–to–day living easier and much simpler for their customers.

Some of the main benefits of a personal and home services franchise are:

-    Low initial investment -    Can be established as a home based operation -    Excellent potential for earnings -    Flexible

Most home service franchisees manage their business and employees as well as the customer service, networking and coordinating between the customers and their staff. Speed and organisation is important for this type of franchise as this is a customer centric business and the nature of the services offered affect their personal lifestyles.

The biggest challenge is to continue to satisfy existing customers, build good rapport with them and make the business their preferred choice over any competitors. With unprecedented growth in international franchising opportunities, personal and home services have become a hot favourite in many developed and now developing markets.