Pet food company acknowledged as franchisee finalist in BFA year awards

Oscar Pet Foods, a UK based company that deals with supplying pet food to their increasing list of customers, is slated as finalists for an award. The people behind the award are looking at franchisees that have out performed their competitors and have been excellent in this field. Founders Nick and Lorraine started the business 10 years ago and since then have achieved special merits and awards for being the first franchisee to reach the six figure turnover.

Since 1998, Nick and Lorraine have constantly worked hard and with a little help from close ones they have managed to promote quality products and brilliant services to their customers, something their rivals could not match. Oscar is a successful family business today because the pair has dedicated themselves with keeping up with the changing pet industry and encouraging each other to build on individual strengths.

Pre-planning and understanding their customers’ requirements has increased their success. The company also helps customers decide what is good for their pets and the spread of good stories and regular competitions held on the local radio and media has resulted in this company’s unmatched competition.

The company has grown far more than what the couple expected. Good planning on their part has allowed them to run a successful business along with making time for their children, vacations and working fewer hours. Oscar Pet Foods already holds the bronze award for BFA’s Franchisor of the Year.