Phat Pasty franchising network will soon expand the business

The Phat Pasty franchising network will soon expand the business by adding another great concept just like the Phat Potato Company. The Phat van provides a range of great products, such as homemade sandwiches, salads, soups, baguettes and smoothies.

The Phat Pasty van also offers traditional handmade Cornish pasties. These Phat vans were exclusively developed for the use of Phat Pasty franchisees. They look like a funny camper van and have a patented oven system at the back of the van, which is very unique and will lead to success of the business.

The Phat potato van can be booked for weddings, private parties, local activities and football tournaments. This allows the Phat Potato Company to continue its versatile business and to maximise the sale and profits of this franchise.

The Phat potato van will operate alongside the Phat Pasty vans everyday serving over 500 customers. The originator of the Phat Pasty Company Laura Clark said after nine months of research and development, they are ready to offer their loyal customers something nutritious and filling each day for their lunch.