Photography For Little People Launches In Brighton

Photography for Little People Brighton The Brighton Baby Show was to be Siany Kenyon's launch into Photography for Little People (PLP) and what a place to have it. Spread over three areas at the racecourse, there were hundreds of stands, all about your little ones. Whether they were already here or due to arrive in the coming months, Kenyon joined PLP early this year and even though she hadn’t launched yet, was doing some fantastic work and it was lovely to see some of her beautiful frames on the stand.

"They looked amazing it was a bit of an all girls day with Siany, Rachel, Catherine, myself and Jan," commented Sian Zalick, Ambasador for PLP. "We knew it was going to be busy so, with the stand all set up, we took advantage of the quiet time to have a look round, as the opportunities for local alliances for Siany were great.

"She could really build up her network quickly with them; there were already some of her cards on the waterbabies stand from an alliance she had already worked on. This was great to see as shows how worth doing they are! The day started to get busy and we all got to work lots of lovely mums dads and little ones were coming through the doors and peoples response to the stand was great they loved our work and we were getting lots of leads for everyone to follow up on in the coming weeks. We also had really good fun and it was really nice to spend time with all the girls.

"Everyone worked very hard all day and we were exhausted by the end of it. The shows are hard work but I love doing them and meeting everyone looking forward to the next one!"