Pistachios In The Park Target South East Of England For Expansion

Community focused cafe franchise, Pistachios In The Park, is looking for franchise owners across the South East of England to continue its expansion.

Pistachios In The Park was launched in 2000 when the first café was opened in Manor House Gardens in Lewisham, South London. The opening of the cafe helped to rejuvenate the park, making it a safer and a more attractive environment for parents to take their children to. Since then, the opening of every new Pistachios In The Park has helped to revive the park or green space in which it is located.

There are currently seven Pistachios In The Park cafes operating in London. Each cafe serves a range of hot and cold food and beverages, which have all been freshly prepared using organic and/or free range ingredients.

In addition to food, Pistachios In The Park also offer a range of high quality hand-made wooden toys (made from reforested wood), greeting cards, and a selection of traditional ‘old fashioned’ loose sweets.

The total cost of a Pistachios In The Park franchise is £42,500 + VAT, which includes training and support, so franchise owners do not need previous catering or retail experience. As well as focusing on expanding in the South East, the company is keen to hear from potential franchise owners in other areas of the UK.