Platinum Property Partners on an expansion spree

Platinum Property Partners, one of the world’s first property investment franchises recently celebrated the first anniversary. In a time period of just twelve months, this franchise has become one of the fastest growing franchises in the history of the UK. Platinum Property Partners has also signed up with 30 full time franchise partners and there are many other franchises waiting to join as well.

According to one of the franchise partners, joining Platinum Property Partners has given him the confidence to invest once again. With the growing experience, the system is evolving in such a way, that it will keep the company ahead of the latest market. One can even get expert advice on a phone call.

The business model of PPP also ensures that the franchise partners attain high cash flow every month. With all these benefits, franchise partners experience decent profits. Both the founders of PPP, Nick Carlile and Steve Bolton are highly successful entrepreneurs. They have been able to develop the best investment model that is now used for the franchise system. Platinum Property Partners is also involved in charity work. Ten percent of their profits are given to a charity, thus serving the society as well.

The company selects a franchise partner after a rigorous process and requires a minimum of £300k as capital. The company also has passive investment opportunities for people who do not have adequate capital. More information about the Platinum Property Partners franchise can be found here.