An income for life from your own property portfolio

Platinum Property Partners is the world’s first property investment franchise. We help new and seasoned investors build their own profitable buy-to-let business, based on a model that over 300 like-minded people have tried, tested and refined. Today, our Franchise Partners own a combined portfolio of specialist buy-to-let property that exceeds £250 million in value.

What we do for you

We help you build your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio that achieves market leading returns and gives you an income for life. But we don’t just provide you with a tried, tested and proven business. We also encouraged and enable you to achieve your broader goals in life.

We know how to turn £300,000* of capital into a lifelong income – typically £50,000 to £150,000 a year - that will help you to achieve your ideal work-life balance.

Unlike other franchises, you also own the assets, so the income keeps coming in long after your commitment to us has expired. Ours strategy is designed to provide you with a business that gives you freedom and belongs to you. The income can replace your salary. It can also pay you a pension and create a legacy for your loved ones.

How we help you to succeed

With our help, you will become a professional property investor and landlord who provides high quality accommodation and the best customer service to tenants.

We have a team of 50 professionals that run our highly effective, intense and ongoing training programme. They include specialist mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors and lettings, renovation and negotiation experts.

You will learn how to build, market and maintain your ideal buy-to-let portfolio and earn up to four times as much rental income as similar properties with single-tenancy.

Would we be a good fit for each other?

We only work with people we like and trust, and encourage you to adopt this mentality when selecting a franchise. If we are to enter into a win-win partnership, then we have to be able to work well together.

So if you have the available finances, all we ask of you is that you have the determination to succeed and are willing to learn, while embracing our philosophy to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More.

What our franchise partners say

A business for life and friends for life - Katherine Newman

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From passive investors to full Platinum Property Partners - Mike and Clare Hedgecox

*Accessible working capital typically needed in stages, over the first 12 months to fund initial franchise fee and the purchase of your own investment properties.