Play hard, work harder and increase your profits

Fraser Goodwin had struggled for as many as 15 years in a job to overcome his family commitments. He used to play gigs with his band in the evenings or on weekends. His decision to invest in a PCC (Professional Car Cleaning) franchise proved to be one of the turning points in his life and his career. This enabled him to enjoy his work as well as play.

Fraser said that he was fed up of a long commute as he used to live out in the country. He was working as a Claims Manager in an insurance company. He used to work very long hours to complete his given targets. He used to play drums for a band and in between the practice sessions due to travelling he never got enough time to spend with his family. He was looking out for an excellent opportunity that could change his lifestyle.

Fraser always wanted to work with cars as he was a huge fan of classic cars. So, he was looking out for a franchise opportunity that was related to automobiles. PCC caught his attention immediately. He liked the friendliness and professionalism of the management team. He was reassured with the track record and experience of PCC.

Fraser launched his PCC franchise in January 2007 and he said that the business took off very quickly. He had some promotional campaigns, distributed leaflets and contacted some of the potential customers over the phone. The PCC franchise has helped Fraser to achieve his dreams and live life with peace of mind.