Popular franchise opportunities for budding franchisors

Franchise businesses are gaining in popularity. Franchising offers several benefits to both the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisor can expand his business and reach via the franchisee, while the franchisee can profit from added support in setting up his or her own business, without the associated risks. The increased number of franchises in the recessionary period is testament to the popularity of franchising. Some of popular and extremely lucrative franchises are listed below.

Plumbing Franchises

Plumbers can benefit greatly from the help of a franchisor to set up their own business. The greater probability of success is the main reason behind the popularity of plumbing franchises. Most of the franchises established in the year 2009 were in the plumbing area. The franchisor provides the necessary training and support required for the business setup. A plumbing franchise can also be easier to set up compared to other franchises which require premises and a large workforce.

Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchises are one of the top 20 growing franchises in the UK. The low start-up costs and guaranteed client base make the cleaning franchise one of the safest franchise options.

Fast Food Franchises

The demand for fast food businesses is unlikely to diminish due to the value for money they offer.

These are just a few of the profitable franchises available in the UK today.