Popular franchises that you can manage from home

Some widely known franchises that can be managed from home are as follows:

1.    Consultancy Franchises It includes advising, in areas such as on government grants or securing loans for small businesses, whilst being an expedient in this field to charge accordingly.

2.    Automotive Franchises These range from repairing of chips or dents to car valets and fabric restoration. The work is usually done on the site of your customers.

3.    Legal Advice Franchises In this line of work, you can advise people on creating wills, assist in conveyances and deal with tax related issues. Meetings would generally take place at client’s place during evening hours.

4.    Cleaning Franchises This may include mattress cleaning, patio cleaning, carpet care and restoration, and window cleaning.

5.    Children’s Franchises Baby sitting services, day trips organisation and kids’ parties come under this category, which should only be offered if you have a real love of children.

6.    Computer and Internet Franchises This includes a vast array of businesses, such as running your own local business directory, and providing troubleshooting services to SMEs.