Potential growth with Countrywide Lawn Doctor

Peter and Gill Butlin decided to direct their own future and looked to buy a franchise. They initially came from an agricultural background. They wanted to run a large scale business but also wanted a franchise opportunity that would require lower investment, which was also suitable to be launched as a home based business. They also desired a franchise which had the potential to grow into a considerable multi-van operation.

After researching, they finally decided to join Countrywide Lawn Doctor as there was huge potential to develop due to its all year round service and the franchisor’s substantial knowledge in building up a franchise system. Within each territory, the potential for growth is unlimited. This feature has enabled Peter and Gill Butlin to build a profitable and successful business that provides them with financial security and a good quality of life.

Peter and Gill Butlin have enjoyed the work so far. They are never bored since they work outside and meet different people. They regularly come in contact with many other franchises in the network in order to compare and discuss ideas and to solve any problems.