Lawrence Dallaglio talks about the Premier Sport Franchise

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If you're considering a career in Premier Sport, either as a coach or as a franchisee it's a fantastic thing to get into. I think you have the ability to really inspire people. I think that it's about working on your skills, improving your skills as a coach - coaches often need coaching themselves as well.

But teaching people is about, one, putting a smile on their face making it fun but it's also about empowering people. It's not all about how you want to deliver it, it's about how they want to learn as well. You have to recognise when you're coaching people that not everyone listens the same as each other. For some people you might have to take a slightly different attitude and different approach. It's about trying to pass on your knowledge and your skills to people to make sure that they believe in it - and think that it's their idea rather than your idea.

For me coaching is about empowerment, it's about making sure people have fun and making sure that you put some values and some framework around what you're trying to teach.

I recommend Premier Sport to someone that wants to run their own business because the structure that Premier Sport has allows you to develop and grow a business. You can become a franchisee, you can have lots of other people working for you - but it gives you that with a set of rules and a structure and a framework that allows you to grow. Often running your own business can be quite risky, can be quite tricky, hopefully what Premier Sport does is it allows you the good things about running your own business without necessarily having too many of the risks.

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