Premier Sport Discover Day Information Video

Phil Gaffer, a Director at Premier Sport, gives us an insight into the recruitment process and the franchise discovery days they hold.

Video Transcript
I'd like to provide some further detail regarding the recruitment process. The first key stage is the discovery day. Prior to the discovery day, we will have an opportunity to have a discussion to see whether it's beneficial to you to invest some time to come along to a discovery day. We've found that the discovery days is the best format to get all this exciting information across to you. It's worth adding as well, every person that comes along to a discovery day, whether it's a one-to-one or it's a small group, we've had a previous conversation and it's by invitation only. Again, we want to make sure we're maximising the time together.

Following that discovery day, you will have enough information to make an informed decision, whether it's right for you. Likewise, for us, we get to understand whether you are right for us. From that discovery day, we will start the business planning process, the key document is putting your business plan together. So don't worry, if you haven't put a business plan together, we're here to support you; we actually use a specialist business planning company as well, to put your business plan together if you are interested in the Premier Sport business opportunity.

The combination of that document you will present to us, at a Directors interview, to make sure that you fully understand the opportunity and the exciting proposition ahead of you. It's only right at the end of the recruitment process where there's any formal commitment from both parties. If we present it that way, everyone going along the process, at each stage, can make an informed decision, and ultimately we award the franchise to the people who have the greatest competencies to go out there and make a success.