Premier Sport Launches New Inspire Programme

Premier Sport has launched their new Inspire Programme - an innovative programme giving more young people the chance to be active and stay active.

After 18 months of development by industry leading professionals and educational experts, Premier Sport has launched their INSPIRE programme. INSPIRE will give children, schools and parents the vehicle they need to get active and stay active.

INSPIRE means that not only sporty children will benefit from the excellent provision of over 500+ professionals deployed in schools across the UK, but Premier Sport are set to INSPIRE both the sporty and non-sporty via Physical Activity and play – giving more young people the chance to be active and stay active.

INSPIRE is backed by state of the art technology that helps measure pupil progress and achievement, based on the agreed outcomes with each school. This allows teaching staff to measure progress at the click of a button and they can even allow parents access to that information if they wish.

It also reduces administration for schools, as all Physical activity & Sport planned in the school can be displayed for parents to view, meaning all areas of the new sport premium funding announced by the government are covered.

It is the programme delivery which is the most inspirational aspect. The programme offers a journey of lifelong learning opportunities and engages all children from sporty to non sporty via our breadth of physical activity and sporting sessions.

The bespoke scheme of work allows teachers to agree learning aims & outcomes to work towards and ultimately measure progress against as part of the ongoing reviews and relationship management. Premier Sport staff will become an extension to the school teaching staff and will be able to work with teachers to up skill them in their knowledge of delivering fun, innovative physical activity lessons to ensure this is a sustainable model, enabling them to improve the standards of their own PE lessons. By working with teachers and not ‘replacing’ them Premier Sport is committed to enriching the provision of PE, physical activity and school sport.

The sport active and inspire to compete programmes enable us to build local links with community sports clubs, SSPs, CSPs and school games organisers to offer exit routes for children to increase participation in community sports clubs, thus adding further value to the service provided to schools.