Who Are We Looking For

We're in a fantastic place at the minute, the Premier Education Group, whether it's through Premier Sports or Premier Performing Arts. We're looking for talented people and the competencies we look for in our people is:

  1. Every business starts with building a relationship, so that ability to converse with your peer group, whether it's educational professionals, right down to the most important people, the youngsters, the children who we are inspiring through our activity.
  2. You need to be a bit passionate; passionate about getting the children active. It' not sport, it's dance, it's getting children active. We can't install that passion into yourself. We can wrap the business around you, but you need to have that passion, because we're really at the forefront of a fantastic period for us, going out into schools and community, to get children active.
  3. You have to have that business growth mind-set. That entrepreneurial flair where you're not interested long-term working in the business, you're working on the business and creating a wealth for yourself.

Just think about that... that's not a bad way to earn a living is it. Inspiring children, getting them active.