Premier Sport Testimonial - Ben Pattenden

My name is Ben Pattenden.

What are your goals for your Premier Sport franchise?

My goals are, to obviously provide as good a service as possible, to the schools and customers that we work with, and effectively to run a profitable business, where we are successful as well.

How does the franchise fit with your goals?

It fits with my future goals because I'm really passionate about sport, at the same time, I've always wanted to be involved with management as well. So, having the benefit of doing both at the same time, has been really beneficial and something I really strive towards.

What attracted you to Premier Sport as a business opportunity?

Initially, I was attracted to Premier Sport as a business opportunity from the coaching side. That's where I was initially involved with. Then obviously as opportunities arose within that business, I developed into the position that I am in now, managing that business for the franchisee.

Tell me about the business planning process

The business planning process is quite interesting. We had quite a bit of time evaluating our marketplace and our competitors, and also evaluating how the business has fared in the last few years as well, and then quite an in-depth process of forward planning and setting accurate targets; trying to gauge where we want to be in three years' time. Since we've had that implemented, it's had a big impact on our business, so it's been effective.

Tell me about the scalability of your business

At present, I feel there is more scalability options, than there ever has been before, with the current marketplace that's there, with the funding available nationally, but I think there has always been huge amounts of growth available within our industry, because although we predominantly work in primary schools, there's a lot of other sectors and industries, customers and clients, that we can work with. You can broaden your business out too.

What part of your role makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

The thing that drives me to get out of bed in the morning are two things really. One is the job role is so diverse; no day is the same. Also the impact that we have, so it's rewarding, we're always working in schools, seeing the difference we're making with children and their school settings as well. Seeing that impact we have is probably the most rewarding thing of the job.

What does being a franchise champion mean to you?

My role as a champion has been very interesting since I started this role earlier this year. Been heavily involved in communicating two ways, obviously taking information from head office to our fellow network franchisees and also, at the same time, the other way, so franchisees having their voice aired to head office as well. Also, looking at getting best value for franchisees, so whether it's liaising on facilitating or buying courses or stock or equipment or whatever else. Also, sharing good practice and best practice, and I think that's had a huge impact with everybody in the network, being able to pick the best parts of each person's business and take that on board, to either consider that or implement that in your own business as well.

Who inspires you?

The person that's inspired me the most throughout my career so far, has been my PE secondary teacher, secondary school teacher, who probably kick-started this passion for being involved with sports. As a result, it's been... ended up where I am today, really, because of the inspiration that he put on me, when I was at school and when I participated in sport there. I still see him regularly, on a two-weekly basis. I have a little chat with him; he's always keeping tabs on how well we're doing as well. Yeah, I'd definitely say he's inspired me to get here and hopefully we'll have that the same with our employees, of inspiring primary schools in the same way.