Premier Sport Testimonial - Ian Wilkes

Watch Ian Wilkes speak about his experience as a Premier Sport franchisee

Video Transcript
Hi, my name's Ian Wilkes and I run the mid-Cheshire franchise area, in and around Crewe, Nantwich, Holmes Chapel, if you know that part of the world.

Why did I buy a franchise in Premier Sport? Sport has always been a passion of mine. I did a lot of coaching in the voluntary sector, and came to an opportunity in my career that I could break out of that and start something completely new. I loved the idea of running a sports-related business, particularly if it was involving children. So, I looked around, saw a couple of franchise opportunities which appealed to me because of the back office support and the experience I was going to get from other people doing this, rather than starting it fresh on my own.

So I looked around. Premier Sport, for me, seemed to be the right kind of fit, given their track record, their background and the area that I was looking at. I did that now nearly five years ago. The best thing for me around running your own business, and running the franchise, is the freedom and the flexibility it gives you. I'm in control of how big the business is, how much I want it to grow, how many staff I want to employ, how much work I want to do myself, how much time off I want to do myself.

Once you've got the business at a great established level, the level of freedom that it gives you to do things that you want to do, when you want to do them, is fantastic and that's probably the best thing for me, running your own business.