Prestige Nursing - a highly experienced franchise

Prestige nursing is a business functioning in the related fields of homecare services and healthcare recruitment. They are looking at recruiting a limited number of franchisees that will help them to share their success in the market.

Prestige Nursing is an experienced company and was originally founded in the year 1945. Prestige Nursing specialises in care staff and the supply of temporary nursing to a variety of companies, organisations and individuals. In the UK, Prestige Nursing is one of the biggest independently owned nursing agencies. They are highly experienced in care recruitment and the nursing industry. This experience and success enable Prestige Nursing to invite potential franchisees to step in.

Prestige can offer the potential for less risk and significantly higher return than those franchises that only focus on domiciliary care by helping franchisees target both healthcare recruitment and homecare services. The availability of a cost effective, high quality and flexible temporary workforce has never been significant as a majority of people prefer to be taken care of in a residential setting or their own home.