Prestige Nursing launches innovative service which benefits both patients and healthcare professionals

Coming home from hospital often creates a need for care and support within the home. Historically, many patients might have gone to a convalescent home before returning to their own home to ensure that they were strong enough to cope or to enable their family to prepare the environment for them.

Today, nearly all patients go straight from hospital to home and many are unable to deal adequately with the challenges they face. This can also cause anxiety and strain on their family who are also unable to cope with the issues raised by the return home of their loved-one. And at the same time, the healthcare professionals involved are understandably reticent to discharge patients without the likelihood of proper support being in place. They are also under pressure to reduce the number of ‘bed-blockers’ – those patients who are kept in hospital longer than they need to be – which according to a report from the Institute of Public Policy Research costs the NHS almost £1 billion a year.

Home from Hospital is an innovative new service from Prestige Nursing, one of the oldest and most respected healthcare staff specialist agencies in the UK. It is a care service specifically designed to help facilitate a prompt discharge from hospital; particularly where home circumstances and the support available may present difficulties for the client or their family.  It is a service very much in line with that envisaged in the Government’s White Paper on care closer to home: Our health, our care, our say.

Prestige Nursing can get involved in the care planning process before admission to hospital, or be on hand when a patient is ready to leave. A comprehensive range of services is available to patients returning home from hospital chosen from 4 different service levels. These could be as simple as a short daily visit by a support worker right up to 24-hour specialist nurse cover for complex needs. In all cases, Prestige Nursing works closely with a patient’s GP, consultant, community health team and family to ensure they receive the very highest standard of care as they start the recovery process.

Although this type of homecare is generally perceived to be for the elderly, there are several scenarios where this service will be very appealing to younger families. For example, Home from Hospital can also cover providing support in looking after a child recovering from a major operation or helping to cope with the obvious pressures that the arrival of twins creates.

Jonathan Bruce, Managing Director of Prestige Nursing says, “I’m delighted that we’re launching Home from Hospital branded concept for both our own branches and for our franchisees to benefit from.  I equally know it will offer benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals. Everyone concerned will be able enjoy the advantages of a safer and earlier return to the home from hospital."