Proud to Franchise – an educational campaign to recognise ethical franchises

Local businesses in Peterborough and around came together to participate in the national initiative, Proud to Franchise.

The businesses involved in the first day proceedings, held at the Serpentine Centre, included Cartridge World, Belvoir, Time for You and Driver Hire.

Proud to Franchise is an educational campaign supported by the British Franchise Association (BFA). Its objective is to help identify ethical franchises and educate people about these business models. A dedicated group of local business owners works at the Peterborough centre to champion the campaign as something that could be emulated throughout the UK.

Tom Endean, the marketing manager for BFA said:

"This work being carried out by these businesses is being done in addition to their normal working requirements, which highlights the dedication and passion that these businesses have for this work. “Franchising is a very successful and robust business model and as a result is weathering extremely well in today's economy. This, in turn, can provide a huge benefit to the customer; having a business that they know is locally owned, but is also stable and secure.”

The owner of the Belvoir Lettings franchise in Peterborough, Terry Lucking, said:

"Nearly 80 per cent of the consumers we talked to told us they understood what a franchise is, but over 50 per cent were not aware of how buying through a franchised business offers them more protection than other retail formats."