Purchasing an established franchise makes sense

Graham Mitchell started his Recognition Express business enterprise by investing in an established franchise near to his home. The South East Scotland Recognition Express franchise had been in business for the last 12 years and was in profit, but the owners were looking to sell the business as they were planning to retire. Graham took over the business in 2005. It covers central Scotland, Fife and Edinburgh. He has since experienced an increase of 60% in sales.

Graham did not have to worry about training and employing staff, finding a location for the premises or securing the clientele as he purchased an established franchise. Graham was able to lead the business after two weeks of complete training from the previous owner and at the head office. He is now able to concentrate on increasing the sales as the daily operations of business are managed by his four members of staff. At present his annual revenue is £300,000 and over the next two years he hopes to increase the figure to £500,000.

Recognition Express is a business to business franchise that produces and supplies personalised and corporate promotional goods to businesses. Graham found this an ideal opportunity for him as he had experience in this sector and the franchise was near to his home.