PVC Wizard Plans Expansion Following Bumper 2012

PVC Wizard is expanding following a bumper 2012 – are you ready to take on a profitable franchise in 2013? Three recent franchisees tell us about their experiences: Tony and Ged Moran from Sutton Coldfield, Adrian Kime from Lincolnshire and Nick Barrett from West Yorkshire.

Brothers Tony and Ged were both facing redundancy when they visited The National Franchise Exhibition, supported by the the British Franchise Association (bfa), and spoke to PVC Wizard's Managing Director John Feeney. Shortly after, following a couple of meetings at the PVC Wizard head office in Preston, they were sure they had found what they were looking for and committed to take on a franchise once their redundancies were finalised.

They walked straight into a business with a proven track record and great prospects in a new franchise area. Tony said: "After many years of working in a warehouse, it really is a breath of fresh air to be working outside. The previous working environment was pretty poor and it wasn't pleasant to turn up for work.

"Now we both love the variety of the service, our place of work changes everyday, and we enjoy chatting to friendly customers who can see the quality of the job and the pride we take in the work. We earn more than we did in our old jobs and are building our own futures."

Kime, from Lincoln, came to PVC Wizard with some experience in the industry, having previously worked for a large conservatory installation company. He had always thought that there must be a market in cleaning conservatories. Having struggled for work in the economic slump, when he spotted the franchise opportunity on the PVC Wizard website, he instantly knew it was for him.

A site visit was arranged where Kime saw the process in action, experienced the quality of the clean and assessed the potential for profits. Kime and his wife both visited PVC Wizard HQ where the package of tools, equipment, training and support was explained in detail. He took on a new franchise territory and less than a year later Kime already has plans to expand his business.

Kime commented: "Even though I took the decision to join PVC Wizard, there was always that element of doubt in my mind! Was there really a living to be earned in cleaning conservatories and PVC fittings? Now I can say, without any hesitation, yes, there is and I'm really looking forward to building my business."

Yorkshireman Barrett had always toyed with the idea of running a franchise because he recognised the many marketing and support benefits compared to going it alone. When he took over his brother's traditional window cleaning service for a short while, Barrett noticed the poor state of many conservatories, windows and PVC fittings at his customers' properties. So when he came across PVC Wizard his next career move fell into place. He completed his training in October 2012 and immediately launched the West Yorkshire branch.

Kime said: "I was really impressed with the two weeks training, which covered everything I needed to start a business. While you do have to think on your feet sometimes on site, I know that support from PVC Wizard is only a phone call away."

The new franchisees have all reported back on the huge size of the conservatory and PVC cleaning market and how a well placed, well marketed, specialist cleaning company can 'clean up'. Now, all three franchisees love what they do, know they have made a wise investment, and have exciting plans for the future.

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