Qualifications are not always necessary for success

Select Appointments is a multi-million pound recruitment franchise based in Leicester and Coventry. This franchise has been the turning point in the life of minimally qualified Darren Leppard, as it helped him change his life from a warehouse operative to the Director of franchise.

Enthusiastic about his success, Darren said that investing in a Select appointments franchise was one of the most positive decisions he had ever made. He added that this decision had changed his life, giving him the success that showed that one did not always have to get ‘A’s to be successful in life.

Darren was doubtful about making a career for himself in any other field outside the warehouse because of his limited qualifications. He was lucky when the agency gave him the chance to prove himself, which helped his career take off.

Darren said that he always knew that the recruitment industry was where he was supposed to be. He enjoyed his fast paced life so much that he never took the opportunity to sit back and relax always striving to be the best.

In order to set up his own recruitment company and to apply his skills, Darren invested in a Select Appointments franchise. In the beginning, although the thought of his own company seemed daunting, he took the advice of the friend who initially recommended Select Appointments franchise and went ahead with the investment.