Raring2go! Franchisee on an expansion spree

Victorian Drysdale, a Raring2go franchisee is celebrating her first year in the business by doubling the extent of her territory and covering Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire areas.

Raring2go! is offering ‘What’s On’ guide for children 12 years of age in their local area. The main aim of the guide is to help parents plan their weekends and holidays in advance so that the quality of time they spend with their children becomes more memorable. Determined by her ‘what’s on’ guide to become the definite source of information for families in the Aberdeen region, Victoria has targeted Aberdeen city council primary schools, 21 playgroups, 15 private nurseries and all libraries in Aberdeenshire.

According to Victoria, sometimes it becomes really hard for the local businesses to ensure that they are talking directly to their audience. It is also very hard for the parents to find out what is going in the area because there is no single source of information of such nature. Raring2go! is a free and unique guide which is delivered directly to the parent’s hands through the school book bags of their children.

When you have young children you ideally need flexible working hours. Raring2go! was great for Victoria because she can work from home and if she has to go out, she can check out the local gems in the area with her young daughter.