Reap the rewards from the reputation of an established business name

One of the UK’s most successful and longest established franchises for domestic oven cleaning is Ovenclean. Almost all homes in the UK use an oven for cooking and often cleaning one can be a tiresome and stressful process.

This is where Ovenclean come in. They provide specialised and professional oven cleaning services in the UK to a marketplace that is large and virtually untapped. The franchise owners of Ovenclean operate their services from fully equipped and professionally liveried vans, thus assuring all their clients of the same high quality service through the UK.

Regardless of the current economic situation, Ovenclean franchise owners are still successful in expanding their business and getting new business. The husband and wife team of Fatih and Tracey Tek have successfully managed to expand their only two years old Ovenclean business and have added a second van and recruited the services of another full time oven cleaner.

Tracey reveals that they have more than 2,000 regular customers and it was possible to build their business because of their hard work and the excellent reputation of Ovenclean. She adds that Ovenclean has always been there to guide them in tough situations and supported them in developing new markets.

Ovenclean’s franchise owners come from different walks of life but have the passion of running their own successful business. Ovenclean provides franchise owners with an ideal and proven business system that offers them a flexible yet high earning potential.