Recognition Express Essex is quick on commitment

When INVEST Essex’s inward investment department of Essex County Council required 1000 completely customised USB flash drives quickly, Graham Marshall and his team at Recognition Express in Essex stepped up to the challenge of manufacturing them in just seven days. This task also included importing the flash drives from China.

Putting the Express in Recognition Express, Graham pulled out all the stops to ensure the USB sticks arrived promptly. Graham said it was essential for them to get the order completed quickly. As Chinese New Year was around the corner, it could mean a huge delay in the shipment of these flash drives from the Far East.

The entire team was aware of this and everyone from the team worked really hard to ensure that the USB sticks were with INVEST Essex on time. Invest Essex’s Marketing Development Manager; Paul Martin said Graham and his team at the Recognition Express Essex did an extraordinary job. He also said that they gave Graham and his team a very tight deadline. However, meeting the deadline was not a problem.

Paul further continued, making the point that USB sticks were essential for their marketing campaign in order to get more business, and they are really very thankful to Recognition Express that they had them ready on time. Essex is hoping for a boom in business with the imminent arrival of the London 2012 Games.