Recognition Express Mid-Surrey Celebrates 10th Anniversary

It’s 10 Years in Business for Sally and Adam Established in 2004 by Sally and Adam Findlay, the East Molesey-based company has gone from strength to strength building up a thriving promotional products and branded clothing business despite challenging economic conditions.

Highlights of the past 10 years include producing lanyards, pens and lapel pins for world leaders at the UK hosted G20 summit in 2009 and seeing the hand flags and wrist bands they produced being used to help cheer on team GB cyclists in last year’s Olympics. They also helped create noise around the Kingston Carnival by supplying the branded whistles which were given out at the event.

One of their funniest moments was when a supplier sent them size 48” chest school uniform jumpers in error instead of the 28” ordered.

“They were huge! We couldn’t believe it when we opened the box to check the delivery. School uniform jumpers looked ludicrous in that size, but luckily we enjoy excellent relationships with all our suppliers so they replaced them really quickly and we were still able to deliver them to the school on time,” laughed Sally.

Sally puts the ongoing success of Recognition Express down to working hard and building excellent relationships with their clients throughout Surrey. “While 10 years is a long time it still only really feels like the beginning. With the first few years behind us we have laid an excellent foundation on which we can continue to build our business and grow our customer base.

“We love working with our clients. I’d like to thank them for helping our business to get this far and look forward to the next 10 years.”