Redundancy can offer franchise opportunities

Being made redundant is an unpleasant experience, which unfortunately, a huge amount of people have been experiencing over the last couple of years.

But for some people, redundancy can offer an opportunity to take a new and exciting direction in their career. One such person is Roger Catchpole who used to work as an IT Manager, but was made redundant twice during his career.

After the second time, he decided that he would invest in a ChipsAway franchise. He has gone on to build a successful and profitable business that he is enormously proud of.

Before he took on the franchise, he was worried about taking a risk but he realised that franchising was one of the safest ways of becoming self employed. He found the ChipsAway franchise opportunities which repair scratches, bumps and damage to paintwork on cars.

He attended an open day to get more information and advice on the franchise. He spoke to franchise owners and was convinces that this was the right path for him to take.

Since he took on the franchise, Roger has enjoyed huge success and is always completely booked up. with so much success, it seems that redundancy really was the beginning of something new and beneficial for this franchisee.