Retail franchise business opportunities in UK

Over 95% of small businesses fail in the first five years according to the Small Business Association. Anyone who is interested in starting a new business will be scared of this statistic. A retail franchise will be a good way to get into new business for you in such a scenario.

There is a franchise called Cash Converters specialised in buying and selling all sorts of products. More than just buying and selling, you can also feature the products, which you have purchased from your customers, on the website of Cash Converters for greater visibility and additional profit.

You could look at the Oscar Pet Foods franchise if you are an animal lover. They provide high quality animal food for your pets. They sell good quality products directly to the consumers by cutting out the middlemen and earn good profits for their business partners. They offer free home delivery, nutritional and behavioural advice that is appreciated by pet lovers.

Look for low cost opportunities that demand only a limited amount of stock, at least to start with.